Meet BusinessOulu’s new specialist on business development and financing

In August BusinessOulu has welcomed Laura Meriläinen as the new specialist on business development and financing.

Laura worked previously in Oxford as a financial accountant in one of the biggest Builders Merchant in the UK, Grafton Merchanting GB and in Ramboll Finland Oy in Oulu as a project account assistant.

Here is what she says about her new job at BusinessOulu.

Why have you decided to join the BusinessOulu team?

BusinessOulu is a very interesting environment to work in. I enjoy working with customers and in this position I get to work with both entrepreneurs and investors as well as public organizations. I can operate as a partner, help in finding solutions to problems and connect people with each other to create growth, new jobs and wealth in the Oulu region.

 What are your job duties now?

I have been meeting with companies and investors and I have been currently involved in two projects. One of them is related to creating new funds to support businesses arising from research based groups as well as startup and early growth businesses. I also work on planning and implementing the Investment Readiness project, in which we are inviting companies to learn more about how to get investors to invest in their business, what investment means for the company itself and what positive outcomes it may have.

Has anything surprised you so far?

I am pleasantly surprised with how helpful people are and how much synergy there is between different organizations in Oulu. It is far easier to create new when there are people who aim for the same goal – make Oulu the Silicon Valley of Finland.

What can you help health & life science companies with?

 Health & life science companies can contact me, for example, if they have questions related to starting a business and finding financing options to support their operation. Specifically, I can help them to find solutions to their financing issues. Also, in case a company is planning to go international, I will be more than happy to help along the way.

What are your plans for the next few months?

My overall plan is to further deepen the cooperation between BusinessOulu and different investors and companies. My goal is to get to know as many companies and investors as possible and spar companies to thrive. I very much look forward to working in cooperation with various people and organizations!


You can contact Laura by

phone: +358(0)40 573 1511


Joanna Seppänen


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