Life Science Accelerator, fall 2018 batch

Life Science Accelerator is a national initiative to access the untapped innovation potential within university research and young companies to create new successful business.

This program targets for early phase but viable business ideas within professional healthcare and with a special focus on pharma, diagnostics and related concepts.

Life Science Accelerator offers a systematic approach to develop your business further and build readiness for investor search, industrial partnerships and market entry. The accelerator period spans over 6+6 months, the first part focusing on working through workshops and coaching with support by a wide mentor network. The later 6 months runs on a by-need basis and the support is tailored to the project’s or company’s specific needs.

Make sure you send your application before 7th September.

Life Science Accelerator is a program run byTurku Science Park Ltd. Read more information here.


Contact persons

Hanna Halme
050 577 4809

Tom Palenius
040 550 1126

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