Innokas Medical secures more customers by signing new manufacturing contracts

An Oulu-based medical technology company, Innokas Medical, has signed new manufacturing contracts with a local partner, Monidor, and Norwegian Luzmon Medical AS. These contracts are significant, especially from the perspective of internationalization and company’s growth.

The cooperation between Innokas Medical and Monidor began in 2015 when Innokas offered consulting services for implementing Monidor’s ISO 13485 quality system for medical device design and manufacturing. Their cooperation soon moved to the next level when Monidor reached their ISO 13485 certifications last summer and decided to outsource the manufacturing of their medical technology solution to Innokas. This resulted in signing an agreement, which covers the series production of Monidrop Infusion Therapy device in a factory in Kempele.

Innokas Medical has also entered into agreement with Luzmon Medical AS, in relation to the cTEMS and cTENS system. During the first phase of cooperation Innokas worked closely with Luzmon as well as with their UK based R&D partner Plexus and offered manufacturability support while the companies were finalizing the design of the system. According to Luzmon Medical, Innokas was chosen as a manufacturing partner because of their strong references and the high-class quality factors.

The Luzmon Medical’s system is now in the prototyping phase. The design transfer will start at Innokas during the first half of this year, and the actual manufacturing is scheduled to begin after the summer 2018.

‘Signing the agreement with Luzmon is again one concrete result of our efforts to grow internationally. It is great to see the commitment made by both companies to a long term partnership,’ says Antti Virtanen, Head of Project Management Office at Innokas.

Source: Innokas Medical


Joanna Seppänen

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