Innokas Medical and Kasve Ltd. agree on strategic partnership in the Nordic countries

Innokas Medical, a medical technology company from Oulu, has started collaboration with Kasve ltd., which is focused e.g. on the quality and regulatory consultation services.

Through this partnership, these two companies seek synergy effects and added value for their customers.

‘We wanted to strengthen our partner network in quality and regulatory affairs as we’ve noticed that there is a growing need for consultancy services in regulatory approvals and quality management system implementation. With Kasve, our competences and resources are comprehensive and flexible now,’ said Mikko Kangas, business development director at Innokas.

According to Elias Haapakorva, CEO at Kasve Ltd., this partnership enables them to serve their customers with more comprehensive service offering.

Innokas Medical and Kasve both believe that this kind of cooperation is important for companies that need long-term partnerships for the medical product’s whole lifecycle.


Contact persons

 Mikko Kangas
Business Development Director at Innokas Medical

Elias Haapakorva
CEO, Kasve Ltd.


Source: Innokas Medical

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