Hospitals without walls – The future of healthcare

Hospital without walls concept refers to a whole service chain in the healthcare sector. With 9Solutions’ All-in-One system patients will receive better care, whether they are staying in hospital, nursing home or home care.

The future of healthcare means improving the efficiency and reaching towards new savings goals. One way to do this is by transferring rehabilitation clients from the hospital to home care faster. With good monitoring system, they will spend less time in hospital and recover better at home. Many diseases could also be treated from home just as well as in hospital. One of the challenges is communication between different healthcare organizations, and how the patient information can be transferred once patients have been discharged to home care. So far the information has been written down manually between multiple patient information systems.

9Solutions, Finland’s market leader in creating real-time locating based healthcare services successfully answers these social and healthcare needs with a single system. The company has come up with the All-in-One –solution, which includes smart home care system, nurse call, location tracking of people and equipment, staff safety, access management, and workflow optimization. 9Solution sees the future of global healthcare especially in self-monitoring and remote measuring.

Self-monitoring and remote measuring

Patients at home will be able to measure, for example, their own blood pressure and INR –values. The accuracy of these measurements will be verified via video connection. Patients will also receive reminders and notifications in regards to correct and timely measuring via their tablet computer. The information will be automatically transferred to 9Solutions cloud service via a mobile app, which will then transmit it securely to the patient information database.

Activity tracking

Activity tracking is a great way to track the rehabilitation and well-being of patients after hospitalization. Activity sensors will provide information without any need for patients to measure anything themselves. With activity analysis, nursing staff can evaluate the recovery status of patients and the effectiveness of their drug treatment. Tracking will also help in observing long-term changes in activity easier than visual evaluation will.

Personnel safety solutions with tracking

Mobile staff and patients of a hospital without walls will also pose new challenges in regards to safety concerns. Nurses during home visits will be able to sound an alarm and the tracking system will show it regardless their location. Patient can also call for help with security buttons.  A nurse will respond immediately by calling via care phone to evaluate the state of emergency and send assistance.

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Sami Herrala, CEO
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