The Helsinki Challenge-FutuRena from the University of Oulu in the finals

Seven teams have been selected for the final stage of the Helsinki Challenge, the science-based idea competition intended to develop new solutions for the challenges of our changing world.

A team from Oulu, FutuRena, is among the finalists. Its members hope to 3D print a working miniature kidney. They were the first team to proceed to the finals after gaining the most votes from the public during the Semifinal Pitch Nights in June. The jury took into consideration the finalists’ scientific basis, focus on finding a solution, as well as impact, novelty and creativity.

FutuRena is on a mission to change the future of organ transplants. As a long term goal, the team wants to generate an actual size kidney for organ transplants. However, the miniature kidney itself will already be a useful tool for medical research and pharmaindustry. Reaching their target will help millions of people waiting for replacement kidneys.

Next, the selected teams will tackle the UN’s sustainable development goals and create solutions for, among others, the loneliness of young urban people, aging, malaria and cancer treatment.

The Helsinki Challenge culminates in the award ceremony in November 2017. The winning team will then receive a prize of 375.000 euros for the implementation of its solution.

The competition is a collaborative effort of Finnish universities and is part of the Finland 100 jubilee year’s programme.


Contact persons

Ira Leväaho
Helsinki Challenge Project Manager
050 5058152

Johanna Bluemink
Development Manager at the University of Oulu
050 370 9505


Joanna Seppänen


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