The Health Track Pitching Competition at SMASH: Apply now!

Is your startup a pioneer in the domain of preventive health and well-being? Are you passionate about inspiring people to live a healthier life? Then this pitching competition is just for you!

This competition is organized in cooperation with Smash, an official Slush side-event dedicated to sport, technology and start-ups. The event  is mainly for startups from the field of preventive health and well-being, which encourage people to move, practice sports and walk.

Take part in the Health Track Pitching if your solutions:

– help us track our eating habits and promote healthy food choices

– monitor stress levels and promote mental recovery

– support Mindfullness /Yoga practices

– monitor EKG, heart rate and other performance-related parameters for athletes and physically active individuals

4-8 chosen startups will get a chance for a 5-min pitch in the competition in front of hundreds of Smash attendees. This is a great way to gain popularity for the product by attracting the interest of media, investors and public.

Win great prizes, including products from Suunto and Movesense, one-one time with Google’s Mary Liz McCurdy and a ticket to SMASH London.

Apply before November 14th by writing to


Contact person

Anna Maria Alexandrou



Joanna Seppänen

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