Head Instruments Ltd provides explicit knowledge for treating patients with movement disorders

The Oulu-based startup enterprise Head Instruments Ltd has developed a digital, wireless, real-time monitor Head MDM (Movement Disorder Monitor) for accurately analyzing the magnitude of movement disorders and the effectiveness of different treatments on the symptoms. The most common cause of a movement disorder is Parkinson’s disease. Other causes include dystonia, various diseases causing tremors, Tourette’s syndrome, congenital CP or MS.

The Head MDM is developed by Head Instruments and it allows attending doctors and the patient to monitor the situation closely and compare the effectiveness of the selected treatment. This method makes it significantly easier to adjust the treatment, and patients reach the best balance of treatment faster.

The embedded archiving properties of the movement disorder monitor keep the data comparable, which speeds up the treatment process and reduces unnecessary appointments.

The monitor is also meant to be wirelessly connected to deep brain stimulation equipment, so that the monitor can automatically control brain synchronization based on observed symptoms.

Head Instruments Ltd, established in 2016 in Oulu, provides solutions across sciences between surgery and technology. The main goal is to improve people’s quality of life and well-being by offering more precise tools for use by both hospital staff and patients.


Contact person

Jani Katisko
CEO, Head Instruments Ltd
+358 44 5090 972

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