Ginolis launching a new model of a high precision dispensing pump

Ginolis presents a PMBi (Piezo Motor Bellows) Pump, which is a new model of a high-precision dispensing pump for medical and diagnostic device manufacturing.

This pump technology provides high-precision nanolitre dispensing, microarray spotting, printing, pipetting, aspirating and coating applications. It can also be integrated into various automation platforms.

PMBi Pump provides several benefits:

  • Flexible
    • dispensing from 1500 ?l down to single nL
    • can be integrated into different automation platforms (ethernet interfaces)
    • available also in an easy-to-use starter kit
  • Intelligent
    • integrated pressure sensor for the clog, leak and air in fluid line detection
    • pump pre-pressurizing,
    • automated monitoring of pressure stabilisation during pre-dispensing
  • Low Maintenance
    • PMBi bellows system has no friction parts, resulting in a pump with exceptionally long life and no need for replacement seals

“We are very pleased with this innovation,” says Teijo Fabritius, Ginolis CEO. “The new model allows us to offer a wider range of customers the opportunity to use our state-of-the-art PMBi Pump, integrated into their own automation platforms.”

For more information, please visit on Ginolis PMBi Pump website and watch the 3D animation.

Source: Ginolis

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