Fitness Village – the game that will grab you into a healthier lifestyle


How does the idea of combining exercising and an active lifestyle with playing a game sound? Can you play games in virtual reality and stay in shape in a real world? The answer comes in three words, the Fitness Village concept, which is a combination of some of mobile gaming’s hottest trends and a drive for real-world fitness.

Digitalization is rapidly advancing and influencing more areas of our life. What was once considered the exact opposite of an active hobby is today being transformed into a healthy routine. Fitness Village has come up with a revolutionary product for every active sport enthusiast as well as for those who are just planning to enter the fitness world. Fitness Village – the Game brings exercising to your home and encourages you to move more. This game will get you off the couch and keep you motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


The Fitness Village company offers a concept that comprises a family-orientated health-themed mobile game, a Fitness Village Training Center in Helsinki as well as coaching and expert services. Fitness Village – the Game is an app that encourages users to live a more active and healthier life. The players exercise their avatars in virtual reality and then step outside with a GO-mode to complete augmented reality & GPS based activity challenges. When going out, they can open the map view and collect bonuses found along the way. In the same way, they get to know the partner companies in the area and their promotions. By exploring real life surroundings, the players gain activity points, training currency, and other rewards. Activity points can be used for in-game purchases, real offers to the Training Center or to stores and services of Fitness Village partner companies.

‘Our goal is to encourage more people to stay active. By using our application, the player exercises own avatar character in a virtual gym and competes against other players. However, the game can be easily used as a part of the user’s own exercise routine because the player gets to exercise also in the real world,’ says Klaus Kääriäinen, Project Manager at Fitness Village.


Apart from making active and healthy life style fun, Fitness Village is also a well prospering business model. Companies and organizations can buy or rent ads and licenses for their products or services in the GO -feature. Fitness Village is continuously expanding and seeking new business partners, who will have the opportunity to promote their products and services to the customers using this solution. Fitness Village has been recently nominated for the Mobile Games Awards 2018 in the Best Technological Innovation category. The awards ceremony will be held on 23 January in London.

Fitness Village is now available in ten countries and is getting ready for a global launch.

‘ We aim to be the world’s largest virtual fitness centre with 100 million users,’ adds Kääriäinen.

Take your first step into the healthy community, play and feel well. Currently the platforms supported by the game include Life Fitness, Polar, Fitbit & GoogleFit.


Contact persons

Jouni Herranen
Founder & Chairman
+358 400 687 964

Klaus Kääriäinen
Project Manager
klaus. kaariainen@
+358 505 922 833



Joanna Seppänen

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