Slush 2019 Side-Events: Health Tech & Life Sciences

The busiest week in the startup community is approaching! Slush has grown from a 300-person assembly to a community of true global magnitude. The mission of Slush remains the same: to create and help the next generation of groundbreaking entrepreneurs. Around the world, movements that want to drive entrepreneurship and empower the upcoming generation can start under the Slush name. Currently, Slush events and communities have been started, in addition to Helsinki and Shanghai, in Tokyo, Singapore, London, Berlin, Stockholm, Paris, New York, Trondheim, and more than 40 other cities.

Time: 21 – 22 November 2019, 18 – 22 November 2019 (Slush week)
Place: Helsinki

Even without a Slush ticket, you can make the most out of the Slush week and network with other attendees. Have a look at the list of all the health tech & life science related Slush 2019 side-events and choose the most interesting ones for you. All these events are free of charge and do not require a Slush pass.

Read more information, save the date in your calendar and have a great Slush week!

Source: Slush

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