Restructuring healthcare- MyHealth & MySpirit hackaton!

Welcome to Kilo elämäniloo! – MyHealth & MySpirit –hackaton. The main aim of this event is to think of the ways to restructure healthcare, as we know it.

Time: 12 December 
Place: Helsinki

Right now in Finland, 10% of the people using our healthcare system use up to 90% of the healthcare budget. In addition, we are facing lack of doctors and nurses. We could alleviate human suffering and be in much better health, if we rethought the structures of healthcare and put focus on personalized health care, wellness as well as prevention. This new approach could reduce healthcare costs and make healthcare more efficient.

Inspiration: Bio-hackers.
Tools for rethinking healthcare: Bio Hacking, MyData and Blockchain

Blockchain together with MyData principles could solve the record keeping issues and help aggregating information so that we could make full use of emerging technologies, such as AI, AR and VR. Moreover, Blockchain could create new business models by collecting micro revenue for individuals.

During the hackaton, participants will be working in diverse groups. The main goal will be to ideate and come up with new concepts or pilots.

Best ideas will be awarded with up to 4000 euros sponsored by Fuug Foundation. The criteria that will be taken into consideration include: the innovative use of MyData and blockchain technology. Scalability and possibilities of realizing the idea will also be assessed.

This event is a part of the program Data Driven Business (Datasta oivalluksia ja bisnestä, DOB) that helps companies exploit data analytics and service design to create new services. Hackaton is organized in cooperation with Aalto University, University of Tampere, and Centre for Health and Technology.

Anyone interested is warmly welcome to join us in creating innovative health and wellness solutions. Secure your place by sending a message at


Contact person

Sari Stenfors
Augmented Leadership Institute, Aalto University


Joanna Seppänen


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