Oulu Boost Event: Upscaling Digital Solutions in Cities

This conference will focus on discovering what kind of innovations based on the opportunities of digitalization can increase the quality of life and sustainable development in cities, while accelerating economic growth. A key question is the opportunities of upscaling digital solutions in various dimensions.

Time: 10 – 11 December 2019
Place: Finnkino Plaza, Oulu
This conference is free-of-charge and by invitation only.

The City of Oulu will host this major side event of the Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU in cooperation with Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment as well as Ministry of the Environment of Finland highlighting urban development and digitalization.  The Event is jointly arranged with European Commission, EU Urban Agenda Digital Transition Partnership, Open & Agile Smart Cities and EUROCITIES.

Oulu Boost Event 2019 brings together top-level decision makers and city officials from leading European cities to share insights on how cities are exploiting digital solutions in the process of digital transformation to serve their citizens in a user-centric and effective way. This conference is identifying solutions to upscale city level findings to the European agenda for better public services, emerging innovations and economic growth. The event is part of the continuum of cooperation between Cities and European institutions aiming at the declaration to scale digital solutions as joint effort between cities, Member States and the European level.

The audience will consist of 200 invitees; EU, national and regional leaders as well as stakeholders from Cities and member states, representatives of EU institutions and networks, experts on digitalisation and academic researchers.

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