Meet the Top Scientist – seminar, Oulu

Meet the Top Scientist seminar organized by Infotech Oulu will shed light on robotics and VR.

The seminar will focus on researchers, who have done ground-breaking research on Robotics and virtual reality. There will be three researchers sharing their thoughts on the topic and then an interview with Steven LaValle, who was part of the group that created Oculus Rift goggles.

Time: 7 May 2019
Place: University of Oulu, Tellus
The participation in this event is free of charge.

During the seminar, we will get to hear about Robotics and VR from the perspectives of humanities, medical science and technical science. Each speaker has done research on their own fields and now we shall gather this to one comprehensive package.

You are warmly welcome to register for the event here:


12:00 Opening words: Simo Saarakkala, Scientific Director of Infotech Focus Institute
12:10 Juha Röning (ITEE)
12:40 Johanna Uusimaa: Rehabilitation of children with neurological disorders, vision for the future
13:10 Kahvitauko ja tutustumista
13:20 Laura Kohonen-Aho: Co-present and embodied social interaction in Virtual Reality
13:50 Meet the Top Scientist, an interview with Steven LaValle
14:20 Panel discussion
14:50 Closing words: Simo Saarakkala, Scientific Director of Infotech Focus Institute


Contact person

Pirkko Huhtala, Ph.D.
Biocenter Oulu, University of Oulu


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