The Internet of Health- Business Conference, Amsterdam

The Internet of Health is tailored for clinicians, healthcare managers and technology leaders looking to harness the potential of IoT to transform operational efficiency and improve patient care.

The Oulu University Hospital (OYS) as well as Oulu-based Peili Vision and KIDE Systems’ representatives are also joining the event. The participants will address the real-life and transformative possibilities of IoT through early adopter case studies and expert-led discussion. From innovation strategy to data analytics and data ethics, the conference will enable healthcare leaders to get to grips with the implications of IoT and how to turn the promise into reality.

The Internet of Things will show the way to more efficient, affordable and better quality healthcare as well as to operational efficiency through connected devices.

Numerous case studies, valuable networking, interactive panel discussions, roundtable debates and tech-demos will be available to the conference attendees.

Time: 12-13 September
Venue: The Hilton Amsterdam, Netherlands

Find out how IoT is influencing healthcare and how you can monetise it.

Visit the event website to view the agenda, speaker lists and to register.



Joanna Seppänen

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