Finland-Japan Workshop: The next generation medical engineering in biomaterials

Joint with 3rd Bone and Biomaterials Workshop
June 17-21, 2018

University of Oulu
Address: Aapistie 5, Oulu, Finland

Local Organizing Committee
Petri Lehenkari, Prof., Ph.D., MD University of Oulu
Miho Nakamura, Ph.D. – Tokyo Medical and Dental University, University of Oulu
Juha Tuukkanen, Prof., – Ph.D. University of Oulu
Sanna Turunen, Ph.D. – University of Oulu
Mikko Finnilä, Ph.D. – University of Oulu
Timo Alalääkkölä – University of Oulu Hospital
Juhana Leppilahti – University of Oulu Hospital
Salla Hirvonen – Business Oulu

Additional persons may be added

Japanese Advisory Committee
Masaya Yamamoto, Prof., Ph.D – Tohoku University
Yuriko Higuchi, Ph.D. – University of Kyoto
Satoshi Uchida, Ph.D. – The University of Tokyo
Kenichi Nagase, Ph.D. – Keio University
Tsuyoshi Kimura, Ph.D. – Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Hiroyasu Takemoto, Ph.D. – Tokyo Institute of Technology
Yukiko Matsunaga, Ph.D. – The University of Tokyo
Takako Uchida – BusinessOulu

Program on 18 June (Monday)

8:00-8:15 Opening remarks
Petri Lehenkari, University of Oulu, Chair of local organizing committee
Masaya Yamamoto, Tohoku University, Chair of Japanese Advisory Committee
8:15-8:25 Tadaharu Tsumoto, JSPS Stockholm Office in Sweden
8:25-8:35 Ulla Ellmén, Academy of Finland
8:35-8:45 Ritva Saastamoinen and Mirja Peltola, Health and Bioscience Doctoral Program, University of Oulu

Session 1. Clinical problem of implants

Chairs: Takao Hanawa, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Petri Lehenkari, University of Oulu
1-1. 8:45-9:10 Juhana Leppilahti, Oulu University Hospital
Biomaterials in hip and knee artroplasties
1-2. 9:10-9:35 Aleksi Reito, Central Finland Hospital and Coxa Hospital for Joint Replacement
Metal-on-metal hip replacements: lessons learned from the world wide catastrophe
1-3. 9:35-10:00 Jaakko Niinimäki, University of Oulu
Clinical imaging of medical implants – a review
10:00-10:20 Coffee break
1-4. 10:20-10:45 Sami Tetri, Department of Neurosurgery, Oulu University Hospital
Complications of artificial skull implants
1-5. 10:45-11:10 Fredrik Yannopoulos, Cardiothoracic Surgery Unit, Oulu University Hospital
Clinical applications and problems of implanted biomaterials in cardiothoracic
1-6. 11:10-11:35 Arjaleena Ilo, Vascular Surgery Unit, Oulu University Hospital
Biomaterials in vascular surgery
11:35-12:35 Lunch on your own

Session 2. Clinical application of biomaterials and medical implants

Chairs: Tatsuro Goda, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Juhana Leppilahti, University of Oulu
2-1. 12:35-13:20 Plenary lecture
Takao Hanawa, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Next Generation Metallic Implant Materials and Surfaces
2-2. 13:20-13:45 Masato Ueda, Kansai University
2D Patterning of Cells by Light Irradiation
2-3. 13:45-14:05 Yusuke Tsutsumi, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Long-term corrosion monitoring of metallic biomaterials
14:05-14:25 Coffee break

Session 3. Delivery systems

Chairs: Kenichi Nagase, Keio University
Juha Tuukkanen, University of Oulu
3-1. 14:25-14:45 Heikki Nieminen, Aalto University
Novel concepts of ultrasonic drug delivery
3-2. 14:45-15:10 Akihisa Otaka, Kansai University
Bone-targeting phospholipid polymer to solubilize lipophilic anticancer drug
3-3. 15:10-15:30 Mitsuru Naito, The University of Tokyo
Intracellular-ATP-responsive siRNA delivery systems
3-4. 15:30-15:50 Simo Näkki, University of Eastern Finland
Designed porous nanovector for safe and effective cancer therapy
3-5. 15:50-16:10 Satoshi Uchida, The University of Tokyo
Therapeutic application of mRNA delivery using polyplex micelles
3-6. 16:10-16:30 Yuriko Higuchi, Kyoto University
Improvement cell-cell adhesion by cell surface modification with ligand molecule via

Program on 19 June (Tuesday)

Session 4. Tissue and cell engineering

Chairs: Masaya Yamamoto, Tohoku University
Petri Lehenkari, University of Oulu
4-1. 8:00-8:45 Plenary lecture
Tatsuya Shimizu, Tokyo Women’s Medical University
Thick Tissue Fabrication using Vascularization Technology
4-2. 8:45-9:10 Saara Laitinen, Finnish Red Cross Blood Service
Nanotechnology in wound treatment
4-3. 9:10-9:30 Tsuyoshi Kimura, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Development of an antibody immobilizing device for label-free selective capture of
target cells
4-4. 9:30-9:50 Jun Kobayashi, Tokyo Women’s Medical University
Temperature-dependent affinity of heparin-binding growth factors and cells with a
heparin-immobilized thermoresponsive surface
9:50-10:10 Coffee break

Chairs: Yuriko Higuchi, Kyoto University
Saara Laitinen, Finnish Red Cross Blood Service
4-5. 10:10-10:35 Osamu Suzuki, Tohoku University
Chemical behavior and bioactive property of octacalcium phosphate-based bone
substitute materials
4-6. 10:35-10:55 Nobuyuki Tanaka, RIKEN
Cell differentiation and surface properties toward label-free non-destructive cell
quality assessment
4-7. 10:55-11:15 Hiroyasu Takemoto, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Development of polyzwitterion that recognizes tumorous pH for effective delivery of
the coated nanoparticles
4-8. 11:15-11:35 Masaya Yamamoto, Tohoku University
Development of a sacrificial template with a stimulus-responsive biomaterial to
fabricate a vascularized soft microfluidic device
11:35-12:55 Lunch buffet and Poster session

Session 5. Biomaterials for regenerative medicine

Chairs: Jun Kobayashi, Tokyo Women’s Medical University
Jukka Seppälä, Aalto University
5-1. 12:55-13:20 Akio Kishida, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Topological study of basement membrane of decellularized aorta using its synthetic
5-2. 13:20-13:45 Mikael Skrifvars, University of Borås
Added value of functionalised structural textiles as biomaterials
5-3. 13:45-14:10 Michael Gasik, Aalto University Foundation
Mechanobiology and implants: from bench to bed, and back?
5-4. 14:10-14:30 Kenichi Nagase, Keio University
Temperature-Modulated Cell Separation Methods for Regenerative Medicine
14:30-14:50 Coffee break

Chairs: Satoshi Uchida, The University of Tokyo
Mikael Skrifvars, University of Borås
5-5. 14:50-15:15 Hannu Aro, University of Turku, Turku University Hospital
Development of bioactive glass as synthetic bone substitute
5-6. 15:15-15:40 Jukka Seppälä, Aalto University
3D-Printed Bio-Polymeric Scaffolds for Tissue Regeneration and Nerve Guiding
5-7. 15:40-16:00 Ashok Kumar, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Biomimetic and Bioinspired Scaffolds and Biomaterials for Bone and Nerve Tissue
Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
5-8. 16:00-16:20 Miho Nakamura, University of Oulu/Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Banked bone intended for clinical use contains stored piezoelectrical energy

18:30 Transportation to Banquet (City reception) for those who are accommodated in
hotel Eden)

19:00-20:30 Banquet (City reception), City Hall

Program on 20 June (Wednesday)

Session 6. New techniques and biomaterials

Chairs: Tsuyoshi Kimura, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Michael Gasik, Aalto University
6-1. 8:00-8:25 Takayuki Narushima, Tohoku University
Antibacterial activity of TiO2 layers formed on Ti-Au alloys by thermal oxidation
6-2. 8:25-8:50 Marko Huttula, University of Oulu
Synchrotron based soft Xray spectromicroscopy for bio and medical materials
6-3. 8:50-9:10 Mikko Finnilä, University of Oulu
Contrast enhanced micro-computed tomography imaging of joint degeneration in
osteoarthritis rat models
6-4. 9:10-9:30 Tatsuro Goda, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Sugar-incorporated Conducting Polymers for Influenza Virus Diagnosis
9:30-9:50 Coffee break

Session 7. Industrialization

Chairs: Miho Nakamura, University of Oulu/Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Mikko Finnilä, University of Oulu
7-1. 9:50-10:15 Masanori Kikuchi, National Institute for Materials Science
Hydroxyapatite/Collagen Bone-Like Nanocomposite: Novel Applications
7-2. 10:15-10:35 Maritta Perälä-Heape, University of Oulu
OuluHealth innovation ecosystem
7-3. 10:35-10:50 Timo Alalääkkölä, Oulu University Hospital
OuluHealth Labs – a top class testing environment for health technology solutions
7-4. 10:50-11:05 Jukka Kortelainen, University of Oulu, Cerenion Oy
Cerenion Oy – From research idea to start-up
7-5. 11:05-11:20 Hanna Tölli, BBS-Bioactive Bone Substitutes Oyj
ARTEBONE®-Next Generation Bone Substitute
7-6. 11:20-11:35 Goncalo Barreto, Disior Analytics
Treatment design tools for orthopaedic surgery
7-7. 11:35-11:50 Virpi Muhonen, Askel Healthcare Ltd
From cartilage regeneration researcher to an entrepreneur in a medical device
start-up: the COPLA Scaffold case
7-8. 11:50-12:05 Jerome Thevenot, MIPT, University of Oulu
From research to clinics: detection of joint disorders with MAKNEE
12:05-13:30 Lunch on your own

13:30 Guided walk to OYS TestLab starting in front of Leena Palotie Hall
(Auditorium 101A, Aapistie 5 A)
13:40-15:40 Visiting OYS Test Lab, on-site presentations and discussion

Program on 21 June (Thursday)

Meeting for research matching towards collaboration (For participants who wish to collaborate)
Chairs: Yuriko Higuchi, Kyoto University (mail to:
Hiroyasu Takemoto, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Time 9:00-10:30
Location: Medical Campus, Aapistie 5 A, seminar room 116B

Poster presentations

P1 Inari Avila, University of Oulu
Adhesion and mechanical properties of nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite coating obtained by
onversion of atomic layer deposited calcium carbonate on titanium substrate

P2 Shuvashis Das Gupta, University of Oulu
Raman Micro-spectroscopic analysis of the mineral/matrix ratios in both Subchondral Bone Tissue
and Calcified cartilage in human osteochondral samples

P3 Shekh Emran, University of Eastern Finland
Concentric ring probe for bioimpedance spectroscopic measurements: design and ex vivo
feasibility testing on pork jaw tissues

P4 Shaimaa Fouda, College of Dentistry, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University
Effect of Nanodiamonds on Candida albicans Adhesion to PMMA denture base: An in vitro study

P5 Matti Huotari, University of Oulu
Photoplethysmography based arterial oxygen saturation estimation

P6 Remi Kamakura, University of Oulu
Controlled delivery system for nutritional compounds to stimulate gastrointestinal hormone
secretion in vitro

P7 Asla Keisu, University of Oulu
The association between knee breadth and body mass

P8 Juuso Ketola, University of Oulu
Structural bone analysis with limited data

P9 Sumanta Samanta, Tampere University of Technology
Engineering extra cellular matrix mimetic conductive scaffold for cardiac tissue regeneration

P10 Khalil Shahramian, University of Turku
Thrombogenicity of sol-gel derived TiO2 coated zirconia

P11 Prateek Singh, University of Oulu
Biomimetic surfaces for matrix-matched cell biology

P12 Nazanin Zanjanizadeh Ezazi, University of Helsinki
Conductive vancomycin-loaded porous silica bone scaffolds


Please, note that the coffee service and participation to social events is valid only for participants registered before 11th of June 2018.


Workshop program (pdf)

Welcome all of you!

Contact person:
Miho Nakamura
University of Oulu


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