EHiN2018 – E-Health in Norway, Oslo

BusinessOulu is organizing a joint OuluHealth stand for EHiN2018, which  is the biggest conference in Norway targeting the digitization of the health sector.

In addition to the OuluHealth stand,  we are offering to companies also possibility to join the OuluHealth Tech Pop Up – office in Norway. The pop up concept  will be provided in cooperation with Finnish Partners.

Time: 13-14 November 2018
Place: Oslo Spektrum, Norway


  • joint OuluHealth area for health companies from the Oulu region (max 5 companies)
  • 2 conference badges  per company
  • BusinessOulu will handle all the practical arrangements and costs concerning the stand

OULUHEALTH TECH POP UP OFFICE IN NORWAY – local presence until the end of March 2019

Expert services in Norway provided by Finnish Partners:

  • One- hour meetings for companies to discuss their strategies towards the Norwegian market (max 10 companies)
  • Advice on business development and commercialization in Norway
  • Acting as a local representative during the Pop up office time and answering the requests coming from Norway
  • Invitation for our wide network in Norwegian health industry to meet companies in the pop up office
  • Inviting our network to the EHIN conference to meet the companies
  • Finnish Partners’ assistance for  the OuluHealth companies during the EHiN conference
  • Organising a follow-up networking event in January and inviting the Norwegian health tech industry players to the pop up office.


  • The vital physical presence to companies during the pop up – office
  • OuluHealth companies to have their products, solutions, software demos in Norway to present to potential partners
  • Norwegian health industry players to be invited to test the solutions
  • Presentation to demo the solutions to potential partners during the pop up – office time
  • Presentation of products and solutions in 3D and virtually for the projects in the Innovator Campus showroom in the BIM cave
  • OuluHealth companies to use the space for their own meetings during the time period
  • Networking event in January in the  Innovator Campus Showroom
  • EHIN conference follow-up meetings organised in the Innovator Campus Showroom together with Finnish Partners and OuluHealth companies
  • Networking event follow-up meetings in the Innovator Campus Showroom together with Finnish Partners and OuluHealth companies until the end of March 2019.

You can register for both the OuluHealth stand and the pop up office, or choose just one of them.  Participation in the OuluHealth stand and the pop up concept is free of charge.

Companies are responsible for their own travel arrangements and travel expenses.

Read more information about the EHiN2018 conference and register today to participate!


Contact person

Maja Terning
Specialist in Arctic Business, BusinessOulu
+358 50 5738 493

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