BODYNETS 2018 – 13th EAI International Conference on Body Area Networks, Oulu

BODYNETS 2018 will bring together participants from all around the world to discuss the latest achievements in wireless body area networking (WBAN) related topics.

Time: 2-3 October
Place: Oulu, Finland

Wearable communications and personal health management are the future trends in the healthcare procedures. New technologies are required to deliver trustable measuring and communication mechanisms from the data source to medical health databases. Wireless body area networks (WBAN) are a major element in this process.

Not only on-body devices but also technologies providing information from in-body are in the focus at BODYNETS 2018. Dependable communications combined with accurate localization and behaviour analysis will benefit from WBAN technology and make the healthcare processes more effective.

The program features keynote speakers, such as Professor Emil Jovanov from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, AL, USA, and Professor William Scanlon from Queen’s University Belfast, UK.

Five main tracks:

  1. Wearable Computing
  2. Embedded Devices and Medical Applications
  3. In- and On-Body Communications and Networking
  4. Systems and Applications
  5. Antennas and Propagation

Special tracks

ST1: Cloud-Assisted Body Area Networks – CABAN
ST2: Ultra Wide Band for Body Area Networks – UWBAN
ST3: Antenna/Propagation and WiBEC project – AP-WIBEC ST4: Smart Body Area Networks – SmartBAN

Find more information on the event website.

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