The EIT Health BioEntrepreneur Bootcamp lead by BioM targets biomedical founding teams in the pre-seed or seed phase. It provides them with the necessary funding to be able to participate in the programme. Biomedical teams located in Europe can develop and validate their business concept in an eight-week programme that takes place in Munich, Paris, London and Delft.Participants can learn from industry experts at on-site sessions and networking events, and meet potential stakeholders. They will also have the opportunity to interview experts, opinion leaders and potential customers, in an effort to accelerate their biomedical business.

The eight-week interactive programme covers all aspects of developing and validating your biomedical business concept. You learn on-site from team coaching sessions, case studies, expert talks and mentoring.

Organised networking events help you as entrepreneurs to get in contact with relevant stakeholders. The weekly, two-day on-site sessions rotate with off-site time to work on your business case, to meet potential partners and to interview experts, opinion leaders, potential customers as well as other stakeholders to validate the business concept.

After four weeks in Munich at BioM, teams travel to partner organisations in London, Paris and Delft to learn from the experts in these networks and refine their business concept in other European markets. With this approach, teams ensure that their business model is not only designed well but also meets market needs.

Read more information and apply before 8 April 2018.


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Angelika Leppert