Detection Technology involved in providing security at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Detection Technology’s X-ray detectors contribute to maintaining security at the 2018 Winter Olympics Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.The company, which is a global leader in X-ray imaging solutions, has provided its detectors to be used for screening goods at venues and inspecting shipments before and during the games.

‘We are proud to contribute to the safety of the Olympic Games. Around 700,000 tickets have been sold to the games that feature 102 events at 12 different venues. Opening and closing ceremonies will be held at Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium, a venue that can seat 35,000 spectators. The flow of people and goods is massive and sets high performance requirements in terms of quality and speed for screening systems,’ says Kari Hyvärinen, Vice President of Security and Industrial Business Unit at Detection Technology.

The 2018 Winter Olympics is a continuation to the company’s success in providing security at sports events since the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Over the past ten years, the company’s solutions have been a vital part of dozens of big sport and other events globally.

‘We are happy to see that we have been selected by X-ray screening system manufacturers as a trusted partner for events like this. Our solutions are fitted for the most demanding X-ray imaging applications. For us at Detection Technology, high image-quality, reliability and fast scanning speed are always the top priority,’ adds Hyvärinen.

X-ray imaging solutions are widely used for screening baggage at airports. The use of X-ray screening in other critical infrastructure like metro and train stations, harbors, post offices, stadiums, and hotels is growing rapidly. The trend is a result of the global increase in security risks.


Contact person

 Kari Hyvärinen
VP, Security and Industrial Business Unit
+358 44 756 4007

Source: Detection Technology

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