The cure for hangover made in Finland- Rohtos Detoxformula

An Oulu-based company-Rohtos has started selling a hangover pill Detoxformula in its recently opened online store. The pill is a dietary supplement that protects the brain and body from the harmful effects of alcohol. The product allegedly provides relief by replenishing the body’s vitamin and mineral supplies consumed by alcohol. It also protects the body from other toxins.

According to the company, the secret behind the pill is chemistry. When alcohol is metabolized by the body, it creates acetaldehyde, which is more toxic than alcohol itself. The liver produces glutathione to neutralize acetaldehyde. However, the supply of glutathione runs out at two units of alcohol and the level of acetaldehyde rises again, which accounts for the effects the next morning.

Rohdos’ Detoxformula helps the liver to produce more glutathione. Moreover, it contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs and other ingredients that support its function.

’’The effects of Detoxformula look promising but we still need more information from test users in order to be completely sure how the pill works,’’ says Peter Eriksson, a professor from the University of Helsinki, who conducts alcohol research.

‘’Test results are often difficult to measure as hangover is a very subjective experience,’’ Marko Mäkinen, CEO at Rohdos states.

Mäkinen is, however, optimistic about the company’s future. Rohdos was established in September 2016 and one of its clear target markets is in Japan. There are plans to enter also other international markets.

More information available in Finnish here.



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