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Korea’s healthcare market is the fourth largest in the Asia-Pacific, currently valued at €4.9 billion, with a 6.2% compounded annual growth rate. With many initiatives established for the sole purpose of expanding the local healthcare market, the Korean government has made it clear that their goal is to become a world-leading medical hub and a prime destination for Western medical companies looking to go abroad. Therefore, the government is dedicating all necessary resources and support through investments and approved funding to back-up research and development initiatives, and positively enhance Korea’s ability to keep up with the new technology and innovation trends.

Companies offering innovative solutions in the medical sector can apply to the EU Gateway | Business Avenues mission for Healthcare & Medical Technologies to Korea and leverage on the EU funded organisational, strategic and financial support for market entry.

If selected to participate, your company will benefit from tailored business matchmaking, promotion of your products in Korea and will be offered a chance to visit the Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES).

Apply before 15 November 2019.

Companies interested in this opportunity are welcome to contact Thomas Vandermuntert for more information.

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Thomas Vandermuntert
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