BBS–Bioactive Bone Substitutes provides new cost saving and more effective treatment of bone defects

Oulu-based BBS-Bioactive Bone Substitutes has developed a next generation treatment for difficult bone defects and healing problems. This new product shortens the recovery time and reduces the total treatment cost due to shorter operation theatre time.

The market size of bone graft substitutes today is approximately 3 billion euro globally. The demand for bone graft substitutes is increasing due to ageing of population and longer life expectancy. Therefore, both patients and surgeons are highly interested in a new kind of effective treatments.

BBS-Bioactive Bone Substitutes Ltd. (BBS) is a biomedical technology company developing innovative, biologically active medical device implants for orthopedic surgery. It offers an ARTEBONE® implant, which contains paste based on TCP (Tricalcium phosphate) granules and reindeer bone protein extract.

Different synthetics and bone graft substitutes of human or animal origin are common alternatives for own bone. Compared to the competitive products, ARTEBONE® contains the natural spectrum of bone growth factor proteins that are extracted from reindeer long bones. These proteins are necessary for optimal bone regeneration. Consequently, ARTEBONE proves to be an excellent alternative to bank bone or autograft.

‘One important advantage of ARTEBONE® is that it is easy to use. The product is a ready-to-use- syringe that decreases operation time. Furthermore, only one surgery is required whereas the use of own bone typically requires two operations. The important benefit is, naturally, also a better bone healing,’ says Pekka Jalovaara, CEO of BBS.

The product development started as a university project in Oulu already in the 1990s and it proceeded in the commercialization phase. The follow-up period of the clinical study of the product was completed in the end of summer 2017. The clinical trial included over 30 patients who needed fusion (arthrodesis) for post-traumatic osteoarthritis of the tibiotalar or subtalar joint.

BBS has its EU-certified production facility in Reisjärvi. The aim is to get CE-mark and marketing certification in 2018. After this, focus will be on the FDA approval.


Contact person

Pekka Jalovaara
CEO, Doctor of Medicine and Surgery
050 5529275


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