Amcham is looking for 3-5 new health industry ventures worth 100 million euros

Have you run into possibilities from different sectors that, if combined, would give birth to something big, but ‘someone’ has to do ‘something’ to take it forward?

The Life Science Growth Project, an initiative of the international business hub Amcham Finland, combines healthcare businesses with public players across industries. Through a professional consultancy process, the project brings innovative ideas together to be developed commercially. So far, 30 million euros’ worth of new business ecosystem potential has already been discovered and there’s still time to join!  The goal is to develop 3-5 joint ventures with a total value of 100 million euros in the Finnish healthcare market.

The Life Science Growth Project is open to everyone. It is a commercial venture searching for business models and ecosystems based on Team Finland’s Way Forward Project. In addition to the health technology and pharmaceutical sectors, the focus is on innovative ideas from areas, such as wearables, functional foods, nanocellulose and open data sectors.

Ideas will be chosen based on interviews, a validating process and their commercial potential. Together with participants, Eera, consultants who specialize in ecosystem development, will market test ideas. They will be then developed into business plans to discover new business models.

Contact person:
Virve Ilkka
Tel. 050 534 5629

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