9Solutions received 1.7 million euros’ in additional funding to speed up exports

9Solutions has additional funding of 1.7 million euros in use to further speed up exports operations. The funding is provided by the company’s senior owners, Oulun Osuuspankki (OP, “cooperative bank”) and Nordic Option. Nordic Option is now 9Solutions’s biggest single investor and a new owner.

“Our goal is to help the society with the challenges related to ageing population by offering modern and cost-effective solutions to provide a safe and dignified old age and quality care. Our system is based on wireless smart technology, cloud services and continuous locating information. This enables the development of new value-added services utilising data analytics and artificial intelligence. The highly agile additions are easily and cost effectively integrated into existing systems. We are very pleased with this trust shown by our investors. This funding gives us a chance to concentrate on internationalization with the intensity it requires especially in the beginning,” says 9Solutions’ CEO Sami Herrala.

Capital investment fund Nordic Option CEO Jaakko Lampela is also very glad about the investment. “9Solutions has been boldly and persistently building complex technological solutions for the ever-growing care segment. The company’s solutions address the growing service need within the elderly population as well as the need to optimize the level of service quality. It’s great to have this opportunity to work together with 9Solutions and join our Northern Finnish forces to internationalize high-level expertise from Oulu. As a company seeking international growth, 9Solutions is an especially good investment for Nordic Option because the company already has part-ownerships in six other companies from Northern Finland with international goals. Nordic Option makes 0.5-2.5 million euro investments in growth companies with established operations,” says Lampela.

Also, Oulun Osuuspankki wants to be part of funding companies who seek innovative growth and internationalization. “9Solutions is an example of a company with whom we have utilised the OP Oulu European Investment bank guarantee in order to fund growth and internationalization”, says OP Oulu Customer Relationship Manager Kari Ollikainen.

9Solutions is an Oulu based Finnish market leader in providing locating safety and communication solutions for the health care industry. The company offers smart locating solutions for personal safety, nurse call and access control enabling a real time overall picture of the actual environment and situation in hospitals, care homes and home care.

Nordic Option is a capital investment fund focusing on northern Finnish growth companies. Its main owners are Arvo investment cooperative, Partnera, and the City of Oulu. The company’s goal is to provide a northern alternative in enabling small and mid-sized companies’ growth and internationalization.

Source: 9Solutions


Contact persons

Sami Herrala
CEO 9Solutions Oy

Jaakko Lampela
CEO Nordic Option Oy

Kari Ollikainen
Customer Relationship Manager OP Oulu

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