9Solutions locating personal safety and nurse call system to Kuopio University Hospital

Kuopio University Hospital deploys the 9Solutions  locating nurse call, personal safety and asset locating solution in connection with the renovation.

The goal of the Uusi Sydän (“New Heart”) project is to build one of the most modern hospital centres in Europe. The KYS Uusi Sydän 2025 renewal program renovates the oldest building parts of the Puijo hospital and a new ten-storey building is also built next to the old ward tower. The new building and renovation consist of ca. 60,000 square metres and the budget is 164 M€. The Uusi Sydän project is implemented in 2018-2025.

One of the central goals in the KUH Sydän 2025 project is to provide intelligent technology and modern solutions to support increasingly patient-oriented and safe nursing. The 9Solutions Ltd. locating personal safety and nurse call system enables continuous locating of people and assets as well as automatic access control in the hospital, for example.

“We wanted a modern multi-service system to KUH, with an expansion option also to locating solutions. However, the most important need was for an innovative nurse call system,” said Harri Hyppölä, Project Manager.

“Our system is well suited to the functional and structural goals of the KYS Uusi Sydän project in such features as intelligence and resilience. It’s great to be part of this project and we hope that we can contribute to improving safety in the hospital and making nursing easier,’ explained Sami Herrala, CEO at   9Solutions Ltd.

The system is delivered, installed and maintained by Viria Security Ltd.


Contact persons

Sami Herrala

CEO, 9Solutions Ltd.

+358 50 386 9132


Harri Hyppölä

KUH, KYS uudistuu Project Manager

+358 44 711 3064


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