9Solutions locating nurse call system to new Hospital Nova in Central Finland

The new Hospital Nova in Central Finland deploys the 9Solutions locating nurse call and personal safety system.

Hospital Nova is currently the largest of the almost 5 billion € hospital investments ongoing or in planning phase in Finland. The cost estimate of the whole project is ca. 500 million euros and the total area of the hospital is 110,000 brm2, or about four times the main railway station in Helsinki.

The 9Solutions locating nurse call is installed to the whole hospital area. The value of the purchase, tendered by SRV, is almost 2 million euros and it is the biggest individual deal in the history of 9Solutions Oy.

“Our goal is to improve staff and patient safety. This is an important reference to us and also an opportunity to develop the system further with the customer,”commented Sami Herrala, CEO of 9Solutions Oy.

The implementation planning and building of the hospital started in 2016 and completion is expected in 2020. The 9Solutions system will be installed in all wards in Hospital Nova during 2018-2020.

“The benefit of the 9Solutions system is wireless operation. Installation doesn’t require cabling, which makes our work considerably easier and quicker,” explained Riku Vihervaara,  SRV’s acquisitions manager.

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Contact persons

Sami Herrala, CEO, 9Solutions Oy, sami.herrala@9solutions.com

Manu Mikkonen, ICT specialist, KSSHP, manu.mikkonen@ksshp.fi

Riku Vihervaara, acquisitions manager, SRV, riku.vihervaara@srv.fi +358 40 559 8685


Source: 9Solutions


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